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How to Get Your Opay Account Number

19/08/2021 Uncategorized
How to Get Your Opay Account Number


Opay is an ePayment platform that has been put in place by Opera software company, which is the developers of the popular Opera mini web browser. It is a mobile payment platform that allows its users to easily pay for goods and services electronically using a mobile phone. It is currently available as an android application and allows fast, easy, and secure payments and transfers. One can send money to any bank account from Opay and vice versa.

How to Get Your Opay Account Number

Getting an Opay account number is actually simple. After downloading the app from Play store, fill in the required details. Your Opay number is the phone number you use to register (sign up) in your Opay app. To get the number you just need to remove the first digit of the phone number which is 0. For example:

Phone number: 09032598742

Opay number: 9032598742

Whenever you want to link your opera profile to your Opay account you need to add the first digit (0) to your Opay account number.


One can do much more with Opay, some include :

1) Bills and Utility payments

Bills can be paid with no convenience fee from the comfort of your home. Bills like cable Tv, electricity, water, education, toll, tax, and more.

2) Betting Payments

It is interesting to know that you can also top up your betting wallet directly from your Opay account.

3) Agent banking services

Cash withdrawals at over 350,000 can be made across the country. Just access the app to find the nearest agent to make withdrawals.

4) POS Services

Business owners can now request POS terminals and will be delivered to them without any fee.

5) Merchant QR payments

This ensures faster payment like you have never experienced. Scan QR codes with your mobile at merchant locations with no fees attached.

6) USSD Code

With no internet connection, one can still have access to Opay services on *955# USSD code on any network. It gives you access to the various Opay services.

How to Become an Opay Agent

One can become an Opay agent by following the steps below:

1) download and install Opay app on your phone from Play store, if you use iPhones, you can get it on Apple store. Download and install the Opay application

2) use your active phone number to complete the installation process

3) initiate a chat with the support team, requesting for your registration form

4) fill the form and make the following available; passport photo, utility bill, means of ID and CAC documents, BVN

5) after completing the process, you can start your transaction and provide services to customers.

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